Whole Slide Reconstruction - WSR

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The Whole Slide Reconstruction package features both Voloom and Imaris to provide an advanced solution for the alignment, reconstruction, analysis, and data plotting of whole slide scanner images.


Imaris core is an essential module which delivers all the necessary functionality for experiment data management, visualization and segmentation of the 3D and 4D microscopy datasets. Combining speed, precision and ease-of-use, Imaris provides a complete set of features for working with multi-channel datasets from a few megabytes to multiple gigabytes in size. Multiple volume rendering and modes, clipping planes, cross-section slices will let you create stunning animations and snapshots ready to be used in publications.

  Search, tag, and manage your data

   Organize and manage full experiments

   Use premier volume rendering in 3D/4D

   Detect objects using Spots and Surfaces

   Enjoy interactive and intuitive workflows

Measurement Pro

Imaris MeasurementPro enables researchers to extract critical statistical parameters from their microscopy images thus allowing for the quantification of scientific findings. Imaris MeasurementPro adds shape, size, and intensity based measurement capabilities to the volume rendering, surface rendering and object detection features of Imaris. It allows researchers to interactively classify, group, and filter segmented objects based on any of the calculated statistics. MeasurementPro enables 3D distance and angle measurements in your dataset.

Obtain, view and export statistics

Obtain precise measurements of intensity values

Define object-based coordination system to compensate for translational and rotational object movement during observation

Measure distances between points within an object

Imaris Vantage

Welcome to a new era of data interpretation, plotting and presentation. This module enables you to compare and contrast experimental groups by visualizing your image data (segmented and original) in five dimensions as uni- or multi-variate scatterplots. Along with the use of box + whisker (5-number summary) plots Vantage will help you interpret intrinsically complex and dynamic phenomena. ImarisVantage enables researchers to dissect their multi-dimensional, multi-object images by creating a series of fully customizable plots for better understanding of hidden relationships and associations between calculated measurements, objects or groups of objects

Create fast, explorative and interactive multi-dimensional plots with real objects

Define different variables for each of the 5 dimensions (x,y,z, colour, size)

Create side by side ready to publish univariate plots to compare groups

Export figures and annotations into your presentations

Get preview of the results of: Wilcoxon, T-test, F-test and Kolmogorov-Smirnov


Voloom® is an intuitive and automated software solution for 3D alignment and reconstruction of whole slide scanner images of any size. Voloom enables the examination of tissue slices as a 3D volume thus revolutionizing the way users of whole slide imaging devices can see and interact with the entire 3D sample. Imaris reads Voloom output and can determine a number of key parameters (i.e. volume, shape, surface structure and many more quantitative measures). Voloom is created by microDimensions.

Automated alignment of serial sections (Voloom)

Interactive 3D visualization (Voloom and Imaris)

Object detection and analysis (Imaris)

Data plotting and hypothesis testing (Imaris)